tree huggers that have nothing better to do

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Pea Island Wildlife Refuge was established 15 years BEFORE (1937)

Post  FriscoGirl on April 11th 2008, 7:09 pm

If Congress had truly wanted Cape Hatteras National RECREATIONAL Seashore to be a wildlife refuge - they would have made it one like Pea Island.

Clearly it is for recreation!!


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tree huggers that have nothing better to do

Post  SCUBA ST on April 11th 2008, 12:39 am

all I can say is that I am appalled at the lack of total respect to the cape Hatteras national recreational seashore. that's right recreational seashore. that is what it was established as and should remain as. the people that started the whole thing, started it for the people. and since than it has been a way of life for generations. it has helped the little man for decades to move to a somewhat secluded location and even locals that were born and raised on the island to start a life for themselves, if that shoreline is closed it will mean the end for all those brave souls that made their living doing what they knew best.
I just hope those tree huggers knew what it was like to dump their life savings into their dreams. these brave souls have kept the entire cape Hatteras seashore alive for decades,and they might lose it all because of some indigenous birds and some turtles. which I love them turtles cause everyone knows the cobes love em too.but a few vehicles on the beach can't effect many. if it was that bad they would be trying to stop commercial fishing in the ocean.( which I have no problem with). of course they gotta blame somebody and I think that is crap.
I personally blame them dang tree huggers and now the entire Toyota corporation, after what I have read. I know I won't ever buy a Toyota and will make sure I spread the word as much as possible. for a huge corporation to give money to a bunch of fanatics like the audubon society(yes fanatics) to try and close a beach that was established as a recreational seashore for the people is just plain bull. I wish they knew what it was like to grow up doing what we love to do and what most of our ancestors did. it is just pure ignorance.
I hope everyone can do what they can to stop this crap. And if those you know what tree huggers get their way, I hope they are ready for a fight. cause I know it ain't gonna be good for them. them birds are doing good. I hate for them to become extinct all of the sudden because of this crap. who knows what might happen. ha ha
to end this speech. I just want to say I hope all of you please help in our fight. I want to see our future generations to be able to do what we were born to do. if not I hope all that is responsible get what they have coming. to try and destroy a way of life is just downright wrong. excuse us for enjoying what our ancestors left us. I know what my grandaddy and his generation would have done, they would've done what was necessary. just like we are doing now, FIGHTING FOR OUR BEACH. PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR BEACHES!!!!!!!!!!!!


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