Email from Wavy10- need more help

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Email from Wavy10- need more help

Post  sherrymskt on April 12th 2008, 10:52 am

Yes, If you have been following the situation on the Outer banks the Audubon Society and the defenders of wildlife are trying to close our beaches down. great info can be found on and I have been trying to get some National exposure to this and its hard. alot of unanswered emails. The Park service has been handling our beaches for years. There have been places we couldnt access or even walk on. Now full closure? These two groups attack alot of small areas for their cause. They are failing to realize the survival of the Island depends highly on tourism. Especially, Hatteras Island and Oracroke. If access is taken away, many people will not visit our beaches and the econmy will suffer. Watch and see, is what I am telling folks. Then when the money stops flowing so strongly as it has been some big politician will notice, and say "What did we allow to happen" We need some hard exposure. We need someone to follow this through. I know there are many other things going on, but us "lil people" are going to suffer to these groups. Then what?
Thank you for your time,

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Are you referring to their contribution to the Audubon Society?

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ysubject: Beach Closure and Toyota's donation

find some heated discussion about Toyota's screw up on this site. WE are
Upset Here!! Someone needs to tell the story.. i am posting to all NEWS
Thank You


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