A letter to Superintendent Murray

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A letter to Superintendent Murray

Post  saltydog on April 14th 2008, 10:40 am

Dear Superintendent Murray:

Last week I sent an e-mail indicating my belief that the Audubon Society and Defenders of Wildlife should not be allowed to continue to sit at the Negotiated Rule Making Committee table because of their court action. This letter is in follow up.

Last night I attended and participated in this timely and informative event: the University of Wyoming hosted an Environment and Natural Resources Distinguished Speaker Series on Collaborative Processes, with Bill Ruckelshaus and John F. Turner participating in "Lifetimes of experience with collaborative public process: A conversation will Bill Ruckelshaus and John Turner".

As background, Ruckelhaus became the first Adminstrator of the EPA in 1970 and worked as the Acting Director of the FBI and Deputy Attorney General of the US in 1973. He has served as Director of a number of corporations, including Cummins Engine Corporation, Nordstrom, Inc. And Monsanto Company. Turner is a Wyoming native from Jackson who served as Director of the US Fish and Wildlife Service from 1989-1993. He was then President and Chief Executive Officer for the Conservation Fund. Recently, he served as the Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs.

During the Q&A I outlined what is happening at CHNS in the hypothetical, not naming places or names. I then asked the question if they, Turner and Ruckelshaus, were stakeholders at the table, would they think it appropriate for the plainiffs in the court case to return to the Committee table? What I got from these experts was a resounding no. The two then elaborated and I learned the following:

-If the plainiffs were allowed to return to the Committee the process would be “doomed for failure” as Ruckelshaus put it.
-The players have to come to the table to “play.”
-There has to be a high level of trust among all Committee members.
-The members have to be prepared for long and hard work.
-If, in the end, the Committee has success, the entire Committee will have a feeling of pride in their accomplisnment and all stakeholders will benefit.

With the knowledge gathered last night I more strongly urge you to insure the Audubon Society and Defenders of Wildlife are replaced at the Committee table. These experts say it is the right thing to do for success.

After the meeting I had the opportunity to meet both gentlemen and visit with John Turner for a period of time. I told him how much I was honored and enjoyed the few years I worked on the 12 member Secretary of Interior’s Resource Roundtable established by his predecessor at USF&W, Director Ray Arnett. John then relayed some of the “horrors” he experienced in administrating the ESA

It was a very enjoyable evening despite driving home in a blinding snow storm. This morning it is continuing with 10-12 inches on the ground and the road closed back to Laramie. Sadly, my attending todays 4:00 PM session is very much is doubt (given by Sarah Bates, Deputy Director for Policy and Outreach in the Missoula Office of Western Progress; topic: Across the Great Divide: Explorations in Collaborative Conservation in the American West).

I wish you much success in your efforts.


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