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Post  Frank Folb Jr on April 19th 2008, 9:44 am

Don't like that any more than the rest of you BUT the fox is not really a "native". He is a transplant like many people here on the island. My Grandfather and Great greatGrandfather both said there were no foxes on Hatteras Island years ago. Obviously they have crossed the bridge because they have been seen and killed by NPS from OI to HI.

Frank Folb Jr

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Post  sherrymskt on April 18th 2008, 11:33 pm

I found the following info at this web site in a posted comment!!!!

Below you will find the links to a couple of very disturbing photos taken at Cape Hatteras just before Christmas. The photos depict what has happened and is still happening at this moment there. The innocent fox pictured ( which by the way is native to the island as is the Raccoon ) did not survive and neither did HUNDREDS of Cats, Raccoon's and other animals all because they were a danger to the non native migratory Plover's according to the three groups above.

These photos underscore that the O.R.V are but a small part of the problem that exist now.

Big Red

PS: The fox above had pup's and later that day when found they suffered the same fate!!!

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