Pictures answer my post and questions..

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Post  tellthetooth on April 19th 2008, 9:23 am

I too, am appalled at the slaughter of wildlife for a couple of non native birds. I think otter are on the endangered list.Plus they are a joy to see and fun to watch , unlike the plover. This is so unfair.


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Pictures answer my post and questions..

Post  sherrymskt on April 18th 2008, 11:37 pm

I sent this to NC Wildlife folks all over the state a week ago maybe askin where did these animals go i have had no response, know the pictures i stumbled across tells me why.. whats up with this mess? dont these animals have rights too!!!

Why are the animals that are native to this area being removed? Where are the USDA-Wildlife Services trappers re-locating them? Over birds? Its called the food chain and you dont distrub it. Oh, I forgot it takes a rocket scientist to figure that out. So obviously, the critters living in the Park have been attacked also. I am confused here. Oh, i forgot the dang Ghost Crabs eat the eggs and go after the chicks!! Go figure. lol

Following info from 2007 Piping Plover Report from NPS:

Predator Removal
With the increased predator trapping effort in 2007, staff hopes to see a correlation between
predator removal and increased productivity in nesting shorebirds in 2008. If fox had not been
specifically targeted for removal from Bodie Island, it is unlikely that the nesting pair could have
fledged their chick. For the sixth consecutive year, USDA-Wildlife Services trappers removed
fox, feral cats and raccoons from CAHA. In 2007, Wildlife Services was contracted for two 10-
day management sessions. Predator damage management was completed during March 8th - 17th
on Bodie and Hatteras Islands and May 14th - 23rd on Bodie and Ocracoke Islands. Since
trapping was initiated in 2002, 70 red fox, 30 grey fox, 133 raccoon, 46 opossum, 26 feral cats,
and one feral dog have been removed by Wildlife Services. In addition to the animals removed
by Wildlife Services, resource management staff removed 38 feral cats, six red fox, three grey
fox, 101 raccoons, 57 opossum, 23 nutria, one muskrat, one river otter, and one mink from in and
near bird nesting habitat on Bodie, Hatteras and Ocracoke Islands.

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