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posted reply on pictures of fox

Post  sherrymskt on April 18th 2008, 11:52 pm

On March 18th, 2008

My account comes from two fisherman who were there also.

Ed Shipley and Mark Bowland.

Mark said the fox had definitely not been there since daylight and the best he could figure no longer than a few minutes when he saw it. Ed said he couldn't say because he only saw it when Mark pointed it out.

Mark stated that the two men and one woman from the USDA were working the area between Buxton Woods and the pond behind 44.

Ed said they had been there since daylight about a half mile south of 44 when this group appeared from behind them through the dunes.

He said he was going back to shall we say relieve himself and it startled him when from the opposite direction three people suddenly appeared.

He stated that he stopped and talked to the group and basically asked them what they were doing.

He and Mark both said that all three had I.D tags and they told him they were working contract for the USDA. He said the rough looking guy said they had been and I Quote " been walking through these damn skeeter hell holes every since 04 tramping back and forth up and down these dam island swamps".

Mark went on to say the woman said that the only reason they were there now was because fox tracks had been reported and a woman keep calling it in demanding to know when something was going to be done and their boss said and I Quote " get off your a**e* and get down there, I don't want to hear this s**t no more, clean up the whole damn area" so she said they had been stuck here for the last week.

When I was talking to them last night and e-mailed them your post this morning they both said what hell's he talking about there wasn't no one else out there anywhere near us except for a red Suburban about a hundred yards below us and we weren't never near the point when that ranger shot that fox above us. Mark also said who is this a****** there wasn't any committees out on the point that day, Hell, there wasn't never more than two or three trucks down there all daylong and we where there for before sunup till dark!

Now I would believe these two gentlemen because they were still sitting there when I drove up after lunch and were still there when I came back by about dark even in the rain. I would especially especially believe them above someone that doesn't even have nerve enough to sign their name to a post.

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