Information for Business to give to guests

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Information for Business to give to guests

Post  Free&OpenBeaches on April 25th 2008, 11:35 pm

Will any one (NPS) be printing information to give our Island Guests. I have had many potential customers ask for information. What is open, what is closed, are there times the beaches are closed. It is all so confusing to me I have to tell them to check the internet for maps. To people that are visiting for the first time the maps don't help. Is it true that all beaches are closed from 10: PM until 6: AM? This has already cut our business, old customers that have been staying with us for 15 years in the spring (fishermen) decided to stay home. Like they have said the cost of gas and the uncertainty of where they can fish was not worth coming this spring. Fall fishermen are holding off making reservations. I am for protecting the wild life ALL of the animals not just a chosen few, but to take employment away from hundreds of people isn't right. I thank all the people that have donated to help fight this, the web masters that host this site. I also thank all of our friends that choose to spend their vacations here on Hatteras. I call all the tourists friends as they are the ones that make it possible for us to live and work here. I do think we could have done with out the developers who came for the money and when they have squeezed every penny they will just move on to their next victim. They speak of destroying the beaches and killing the birds what about all the Old Oaks that they have cut down in Southern Woods (back of food lion) what they have done should be against the law. When there is no vegatasion left the Island will eventually be gone and the birds will have to find a new home along with future generations of Outer bankers.

Thanks for any information on printed material.


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