The best defense is a good offense

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Post  Guest on May 28th 2008, 9:25 pm

Good luck with that


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best defense

Post  HYDRAFISH2 on May 28th 2008, 6:57 pm

great research tim, needs a thumbs up, and can anyone else closer in field these things bring this up or has it already been discussed? Cool

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The best defense is a good offense

Post  Moonfisher1 on May 28th 2008, 6:06 pm

Thank you for allowing us to voice our opinions on this site.
I just ran across the legislation that allows the NPS to operate.
Cape Hatteras National Seashore Enabling Legislation

Except for certain portions of the area, deemed to be especially adaptable for recreational uses, particularly swimming, boating, sailing, fishing, and other recreational activities of similar nature, which shall be developed for such uses as needed, the said area shall be permanently reserved as a primitive wilderness and no development of the project or plan for the convenience of visitors shall be undertaken which would be incompatible with the preservation of the unique flora and fauna or the physiographic conditions now prevailing in this area . . .

(Aug. 17, 1937, ch. 687, Sec. 4, 50 Stat. 670; June 29, 1940, ch. 459, Sec. 1, 54 Stat. 702; Mar. 6, 1946, ch. 50, 60 Stat. 32.)

I'd say there is good reason for a lawsuit against the NPS for not complying with this. In particular, failure to develop areas that are particularly suited for recreation. History has proven that the points, inlets and rips are recreational hotspots yet they have not been developed as such. Probably because ORV can get us to those locations and cause the least amount of damage to the environment. But, If we push legally for development as they are obviously directed to do so, we could get the beaches back in trade for not making parking lots, roads, buildings etc....



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Re: The best defense is a good offense

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