Want to know why so many of us come to OBX from Maryland?

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No permits, please!

Post  OBXanxio on July 28th 2008, 10:25 pm

As a visitor from New Jersey to the Outer Banks; I can definitely support the no permits side of the coin. In New Jersey, almost all of our beaches are not free and accessible to everyone. Not only do you have to have permits to visit beaches that have ORV access; but you have to pay to walk on to the majority of beaches, too! As tax payers, we totally resent this because we pay some of the highest taxes in the nation already. We shouldn't have to pay additionally to use public land. I feel very strongly about this in the OBX, too. We continue to vacation and travel there because of the freedom and flexibility that we have. We can take the truck on the beach, set up the canopy, set up the poles, bring the boogies boards, etc. and EVERYONE is comfortable and happy...even the pooches! We don't have that freedom and comfort in Jersey. You might be saying, "Too bad, so sad" or "Sucks to be you;" but I can tell you from the bottom of my family's heart...we love OBX...I call it my therapy. Everyone wins from our visits and others': the businesses do well because of the tourism and the families are thrilled to have the togetherness. Please keep pushing against the restrictions. Don't make the mistakes that Jersey has made because it becomes a financial nightmare and a social nightmare for all.

Additionally, PLEASE try to slow down the construction and development because the Banks might lose their charm and appeal to those of us who refuge there to get away from overcrowding and development. My family is strongly opposed to all of the beach building and the proposed causeway from 158 to Rt. 12 on the Northern Beaches near Southern Shores. Good luck; and much love to all of our NC friends! Can't wait to see you again next year!


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Post  Frank Folb Jr on May 31st 2008, 9:03 am

We pay pay taxes daily so we should not have to pay another tax to drive on our beach. Permits have been in affect up north and since their inception have done two things. Steady rise in cost and deny access to large numbers of people. If a permit system goes into place that says only X number of ORV's on the beach at one time and I get off work at 5 and want to take my family to the beach but there is already X number of ORV's out there. How happy will I be. OH I know all locals are exempt from the permit system!! We can go as we please?? How happy will you be??

Sorry, I am dead set against permits, they have caused more trouble than they are worth to the ORV communities where they are presently in effect.

Frank Folb Jr

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Not the right type of permit system

Post  Permits on May 31st 2008, 1:37 am

Well, that permit system clearly stinks, but I think a well thought out permit system would have some benefits. NPS also has a permit system in Cape Cod, and you can buy an annual or weekly pass, and there are plenty of permits available. I think it could be beneficial in that people that just want to joyride on the beach probably won't cough up 50 or 100 bucks to do so, but most people who really love driving on the beach would be willing to pay that much, although I think even a $25 permit would probably do the trick.

I think ORV users should be wary of a permit system but should be willing to work with NPS and whomever else to make sure a good system is put in place, because I think it is going to happen sooner rather than later.

Just my two cents.


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Want to know why so many of us come to OBX from Maryland?

Post  MDlovesOBX on May 29th 2008, 3:47 pm

Want to know why so many of us come to OBX from Maryland?

The following is information taken directly from the Assateague Island National Seashore website (www.assateagueisland.com/island_info/beach_travel.htm). Its a bit long, but this is how it is here in Maryland. What the site doesn't tell you is this - When the number of vehicles on the beach reaches the max, they start "one off, one on" - one goes off, one can go on. We stopped buying ORV permits a few years ago because we were spending more time IN LINE waiting to get on the beach than we actually did ON the beach. Getting there early doesn't even work. The park rangers do not usually monitor the vehicles on the beach at night. Frequently, there can be 10-20 vehicles over the limit by morning. The number of vehicles over the limit must leave the beach first, and then they start "one off, one on". There is no way I can get a three year old to understand why we have to wait for another 10 trucks to come off of the beach before he can go play in the ocean.



Assateague Island has both it's Maryland and Virginia ORV areas open year round for off road beach recreation. The Maryland portion of Assateague has an ORV zone 12 miles in length, with a 145 vehicle limit. Each end of the island limits the maximum number of vehicles which can be on the beach at any one time. The Virginia portion of the ORV area has several miles open year round, but does close it's extreme southern region known as "the hook" from March 15th-September 1st for the nesting Piping Plover which is an endangered species. The vehicle limit on the remaining 1.5 mile beach drops to 18 at that of year. If any endangered Piping Plovers decide to nest on that portion of the off road beach, there are by-pass routes that are set up to avoid the birds, but the area still remains open for the season. The 145 vehicle limit is reached early on weekends and often goes to a one-off/one-on system.

The off road permit is good for both the Virginia and Maryland ends of Assateague Island and there is a $70-$150 annual permit fee (depending on the type of access desired). There is no weekly or other short term permits. Off road vehicles must be "street legal"(motorcycles and ATV's are not allowed). You will need to present your registration card. You need a low pressure tire gauge ( it's recommenced to let the air out to 15 lbs. or so for the soft sand). There are air pumps near the off road entrance. A shovel, jack, a board to support the jack in the sand (12" sq. minimum, 3/4" plywood or 1&1/2" hardwood), and a tow rope or chain (substantial capacity, 10' minimum length) are also required. Fines are charged for each piece of missing required equipment. The permit is available through the mail (request 3 weeks at least in advance). It also can be obtained in person at the Visitor Centers.

Surf-fishermen may fish all night on the beach in Maryland, which is accessible 24 hours. In Virginia, fisherman must get an overnight fishing permit at the Visitor Center, since the enterance at the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge is closed from 10pm to 5am during the summer. You must be actively fishing for you and your vehicle to stay on the beach overnight. On the Maryland end, you can return to the campground area if you wish to sleep.


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Re: Want to know why so many of us come to OBX from Maryland?

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