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Post  Stephani on June 11th 2008, 11:23 am

Cape Hatteras has been a vacation spot for my boyfriend and all of his family (Mom's side and Dad's) for over ten years, for the past two years I have been so greatful to be able to share such a relaxing and beautiful vacation with them at Cape Hatteras. We have a camper located in Buxton which has been there ever since they have started their memories at Cape Hatteras. This summer instead of enjoying a vacation at Cape Hatteras we are going to be moving the camper out of Cape Hatteras and into another campground somewhere else. This summer we are not going to be able to continue that this family tradition and we couldn't be more upset about it. Just like our family, there are hundreds of other families from all over that look forward to spending their vacation time at Cape Hatteras. It is extremly upsetting and heartbreaking to know that we cannot enjoy ourselves at Cape Hatteras anymore. With some kind of miracle we hope and pray that Cape Hatteras be reopened for families to continue their tradition and memories.


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