A new proposal for the Outer Banks

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A new proposal for the Outer Banks

Post  llitten on June 16th 2008, 9:44 am

I would like to propose that we do not attempt to repair ANY storm damage to any of the outer banks.
I would like to let nature be free to enjoy the changes it so desperately seeks.

The sounds and bays need fresh influxes of ocean water and currents to maintain its natural balance.

When frisco was cut in half a few years ago due to hurricane, i mean natural means it was nature's way of saying the sounds and bays needed this influx of fresh ocean waters and currents.

Why fight nature, let it run its course!

When the sand dune keep shifting in response to natural actions, why spend soo many tax dollars on putting them back where WE think they should go? let mother nature run her course!

If the herbert Bonner bridge is destroyed next hurricane, let it go. it is natures way of saying she doesn't want us here.

oh, wait, if we were to allow all of this to take place, all of the birding enthusiasts wouldn't have easy access to their wonderful nature preserve to count how many nests were in existence. But I bet that if we were to allow nature to run her course the bird and nest count on the islands would INCREASE!!!!

So, support my proposal to turn the entire outer banks back over to mother nature!


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