Trying to raise traffic.

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Trying to raise traffic.

Post  tjordan on June 18th 2008, 10:06 am

Thanks to all of you who are supporting this cause. I'm not sure how, but my blog seems to get a lot of referral traffic in regards to this issue over the last few months. Anyway, since it does, I'm trying to keep posting relevant material to increase awareness. Please visit the post, link to it, pass it around, and let me know if there are more links to supporting organizations that need to be added.

The address is:

PS: It's fortuitous that this is happening right at voting time. I'd urge you all to contact your senatorial candidates and see how they sit on the matter. I'm calling Kathy Taft and Don Davis (NC District 5) today and their stance on this will be my deciding factor for who gets my vote.



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