For the Love of the beach.

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If you allow it to be done to some

Post  MarkV_De on June 19th 2008, 6:59 pm

What makes you think this. By allow the freedoms and liberties of some to be taken away, you grant your own privelidge to be taken.
This is exactly the kind of half way thinking that will allow the beach to remain closed to you, and all the "Walkers."!!!

These areas are small in comparrison to overall size of the beach, but still are miles of travel to reach for surf fishing. The areas that are driven are highly marked and restricted ..close to the water. You show very little knowledge of what is really going on. Your attitude is reminicent of opinions written in haste and you don't deserve to keep your privledges. Perhaps I can make you angry enough to READ whats really going on.


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For the Love of the beach.

Post  Reedman on June 19th 2008, 5:05 pm

There is no reason in this Troposhere that humans and animals can not co-exist. I have always been a fan of taking away beach driving.. People can go to the beach without driving on it. It is called walking... But closing the beach altogether is absurd. And it wont happen. there is to much money in that sand for it to just be closed on account of some birds.. It wont happen. However it is a good thing that people are coming together and doing something. People these days dont have any fight left in them. So good for everyone who helps in squashing this idea. But I am still quite certain that, that is all it is... I love na dadore Hatteras and fell it should be preserved and loved, and treated like the gem that it is. Niot some dirty old highway for imature kids to go act stupid. Show some love for the place that gives you solice, and peace.


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