a confused democrat

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Re: a confused democrat

Post  trouble on April 5th 2008, 12:50 am

most democrats are confused.


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Also conflicted

Post  madmarv on April 1st 2008, 6:56 pm

As a democrat and an OBX homeowner, I found myself surprisingly writing to my senators and congressman to oppose the injunction. Personally, I despise ORV's on the beach. I hate the look of the ruts, and when my kids were young, I always had to worry about them being killed by some drunken redneck who had no business being on the beach in the first place. I would strongly support a yearlong ban on driving in the populated areas.

That said, I also have respect for the people who enjoy surf fishing, and I admit, their rental money helps me keep my house, especially with the recent overdevelopment causing a decline in rental weeks and income. On the beach these folks generally are courteous and drive carefully, stay off the dunes etc. And certainly Cape Point is their place and always has been. I'm sure a reasonable accommodation can be made. I noticed that most of the birds nest in the spring and early summer, while most of the fishermen come in the fall (natural selection long ago eliminated birds nesting on the beach during hurricane season). I'm also very suspicious of the SELC's data on bird decline in 2007 and blaming it all on ORV's. There haven't been that many more ORV's since 1995 to explain the declines they show. Also, there seemed to be more beach closings in 2007 than ever before. More likely the 2007 data has to do with weather conditions and beach erosion. I think there is some bad science there.

It is unfortunate that any time a reasonable plan to control beach driving was proposed, the most vocal locals seemed to oppose it (the most vocal being those in the real estate and bait shop industries). Even a permit system was opposed. So now they must reap what they sowed. I noticed that these same folks never seemed to worry too much about the "traditions" of the island during the past 10 years when overdevelopment was rampant and forever changing the island. They were all too busy counting their money. Of course that too is part of the culture - when there is a choice of doing something positive or not doing it, don't do it. Why control growth when it is easier not to? Why do any serious zoning, when it is easier not to? Why have any sign ordinances when it is easier not to? The NPS was clearly caught up in that mindset.

I suspect an ORV ban may not be as devastating as we fear. As long as the fish are there, people will find a way to get to them. But an abrupt change will certainly disrupt things for a few years. Maybe the way to go is a gradual decline in the number of ORV's allowed. Or a "fishing shuttle" to Cape Point or along the beach run by the NPS. But for now, I gave in, held my nose and wrote my letters, as I'm sure the negotiated rule setting will be a much better way to go than an outright ban. But if the ORV's disappear, and I can survive it economically, I'll enjoy the beach a whole lot more in the off season.


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Post  No speak on April 1st 2008, 2:27 pm

I have seen a supporter of ORV access who opposes fishing ????, now democrats who oppose an ORV ban. The end is near. It is a wonder all signs are not in both Spanish and English yet due to the democrats. Then once that happens and someone else speaking say Italian, Polish, etc will push until all signs are in English, Spanish, and Italian.....We need to take politics out of everything and reduce government which will let state governments make decisions based upon what their residents want. NO WALKO OVER DUNEO/STAY OFF THE DUNE DUMMY/NOA WALKA OVER THE DUNNA ...This gets better every day. We should then pay more taxes to pay restitution to the birds affected over the past... Multi use land should be exactly for that. People have different likes and dis-likes. Respect what others like to do and go on about your day. If you don't like to hunt or fish, then don't do it. If you like to watch birds, knock yourself out. Pea Island is great for that. Hatteras Island is great for fishing. Teddy Roosevelt knew what he was doing when he started all of this but he would be knocking some heads if he were around today to see so many groups claiming their right to dictate use. This is the United States. We have many treasures for EVERYONE to enjoy. If we respect the resource (which most do, but just drive through any city and look at the trash that "good" Americans leave around) then it will thrive and benefit ALL of us.

No speak

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Wait until....

Post  saltydog on March 28th 2008, 7:00 pm

For you Democrats, just think of the Secretary of Interior you will get under Obama or Hillary. ORV use will really be over.
That is to say nothing of the SC judges that we will get.
My twilight years tell me I have had the best of years. Sorry my grandchildren will no longer have the opportunities I have enjoyed.


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Re: a confused Democrat

Post  Paul NJ on March 25th 2008, 9:01 pm

I'm a Democrat, too. I belong to several ecologically-oriented groups. I support beach driving as well. I understand a few temporary closures, but in this case the benefits of the kind of closing proposed by Audubon and others do not exceed the harm that will be done.

Upset? I was and I am. I sent a note to audubonaction@audubon.org, and eveb got a reply - not the one I wanted, but they are listening. Be heard. (Be respectful but firm; you'll be heard better.)

Perhaps a solution: paid permits, as they have elsewhere like Nantucket. Interim solution for current drivers: behave. No drinking and driving on the beach (have a designated driver). No littering (carry it out). No speeding (beach limit is 25, slower around people and animals). Enforcement for the few bad apples who have ruined it for the rest of us.

Paul NJ

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a confused democrat

Post  bernie on March 25th 2008, 2:50 pm

Our family has been visiting your beautiful beaches for the last twenty plus years. We have grown quite fond of the Avon area and consider it a second home to ours here in the mountains of Pa.. I have read many of the letters posted in this forum and feel an urge to respond. In response to steve(save hatteras from her self) and anna(dont be fooled) I do agree that Pea island has become more crowded over the years, but that growth will ultimatly be kept under control by the feds refusal to expand. Avon village can only house so many people and needs to remain that way, an expansion of its borders would not be good. I must say though traffic has gotton worse. In response to anna I feel your pain, this is your home and you feel somewhat violated. I know we visit only two weeks a year, but to me it feels just as fun,safe, and clean as it did twenty years ago. With just a few exceptions I have noticed the beaches treated with great respect. I have taken many off road excursions and found very little evidence of abuse. We are mostly good people who want to enjoy the beauty of pea island and want to keep it that way. NOW, as for the birds. We understand what this means Mr. Hurly and I find myself in a very uncomfortable situation. Imagine me a democrat siding against the birds. I do love leaving the concrete highway and seeing what most can only imagine, the solitude of an empty beach with an occasional wave to a passerby he too on a quest for his for own inner peace. This is what a vacation is all about isn"t it. Now a bird stands in the way. A little bird. I don"t know what the verdict will be, but it would be a shame that generations to come could not experience the joy of a hatteras off road trip. Will I come back if the birds win? I don't know. But you can be sure of one thing steve and anna people will still come, It will never be the same that it was. Heres hoping that a solution can be found that will satisfy both sides. Bernie


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Re: a confused democrat

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