this will do no good.

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this will do no good.

Post  alycea on April 4th 2008, 1:25 pm

Hi, I'm not a native, nor do I pretend to be. My grandparents have lived there since I was seven, and I have spent a ton of time on Ocracoke since I was very young, probably 2 or 3. I can't even describe how furious this makes me.

Most of the people who drive on the beach are incredibly respectful. They don't drive where they are forbidden to. However, there are still a group of huge ***holes who refuse to comply with rules. But that doesn't mean that the government should punish everyone. It is only going to hurt the towns.

I understand that the shores are nationally protected. I think a better solution is to enforce fines for littering, driving recklessly, and breaking rules. It would actually harm the economy - my grandparents have spoken to me about this ban, and they are furious. They own a store called the Gathering Place, and if you go to Ocracoke, check it out. They know, and so do I, that it will turn people away from the islands.

I think it would cause huge over crowding on the one lifeguard beach. I think it will begin to turn the beautiful beaches into the Jersey Shore.

The beaches need to be kept open.

Alycea M, Philadelphia, PA


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