Why R u Wasting ur time?

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Post  FleetSox on April 7th 2008, 11:15 pm

Sherry... i agree with u completely. thank u for saying that. as soon as i read it i sent about fifty e-mails and made twenty phone calls. i have also e-mailed the audubon, like some of my friends. i doubt it will be too effective, but they need to know people are against them. and it is easier to focus on the issues if we are in agreement. so again, thank you. My family owns a house, not on the beach, but near it, and we love Hatteras dearly
. i also wanted to say that i agree with Ryan's posting, about the part where he said the Audubon was all aout economics, and that is, i think,what they are doing. i do not trust the Audubon. . these people aren't your tpical tree-huggers. if you poke around on the internet, i am sure you will be able to dig up even more dirt. i plan to do so. Thank you also Ryan, because i agree with everything you have said. if everyone is willing to do more than just post forums (Effective to some extent, but not enough), we will be able to do something. that is waht we need, not arguments online with tree-hugger.


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Re: Why R u Wasting ur time?

Post  DawsonRy on April 7th 2008, 10:41 pm

hey this is Ryan

I have since updated that post about 2,000 people read it on my own forum. I got a lot of responses not only from Island visitors but also from other coastal regions. I have plenty of testimonials from other areas of the US where they too have been hit by so called bird/tree/fish/pick a cause enviroMENTAL groups. I got mail from places like New Jersey, California, and all around the Great Lakes where people have told me their stories.

Here is the basic message to get out.

The Autubon closes off their beaches but within a few years they suddenly re-open, but for a fee you see. It is nothing but a massive land grab. They just want to privatize a public beach and make a profit from it. It has nothing to do with the birds. These same people oppose alternative energy, again using the birds pretext. Area after area this is what happens. The other thing they do is they

This is the same thing the US has done in Iraq. Drive the people out by economic force (and physical force) with the excuses of liberation bla bla bla then they gobble up the area and resources privatize it and profit from it, even if millions of people are forced to become refugees or even die. I hope this will wake some of you up on your stance on the Iraq War.

The problem is government. The Federal government is corrupt the state government is corrupt and the local government is a joke, just look at our bridge.... You can write these people all day and it does not matter. They are bought and paid for politicians, both parties. And North Carolina does not have anyone like a Ron Paul who will stand up for individual rights and liberty. But we have to work with what we've got

I grew up seeing my father's motel washed over by the perfect storm then hurricanes and NorEasters cutting an inlet in Buxton. I went to school where people laughed about it. In fifth grade our basketball bus slowed down to gawk at our motel full of sand and water and even the pedophile driver our coach at the time had a nice ear to ear grin. Well while others might delight at people's misfortunes I don't. I went to Walter Jones Sr. the senator at the time in a DC school trip and complained about beach erosion. It has always been the environmentalists who have stood in the way of well known effective methods to protect the beach. Nobody listened. I was the only protester that got a permit when they were moving the lighthouse and sat out there by myself getting heckled. I know everyone was against that but talking to each other and selling T-shirts does not do anything (unless it is pro-active). All actions have to be pro-active. I saw the Coast Guard base near my house set up condos. The Coast Guard is who dug up sand North of Buxton back in the day to fill in the swamp where their base is/was. They never replaced it and as a result that was the frist place to break on the Island and has needed a new road twice. When I was older I went in a plane and took pictures of the hot spots citing north Buxton, the S-curves, and just South of Hatteras village. We sent them to the governor. Nobody listened. It wasn't long before Rodanthe and Hatteras Village had their own floodings, with Hatteras getting completely cut off from the rest of the Island. I pointed out the profiteering then, but nobody listened. In 2004 I went to the state legislators and ranted and raved but nobody listened. I made a video about the bridge this year; I talked about it on national radio.

Here is our problem.

We have got to do this together. Everyone is upset but no one knows what to do. ut they all want to "do something". We are not being heard and just talking to each other, though great for solidarity, is not changing much. Please listen to me now. This organization needs direction.

Step one


Nothing you do matters unless it is covered by the media. That protest at the Point should have been national news. You have got to invite the media to anything you plan on doing, or it is as if it did not happen. Also be your own media. Film things yourselves and put it on free hosting sited like youtube and liveleak.

Make it clear that you do not advocate violence. This is a sly way to let them know and worry about there being a violent backlash (which in this case that might be true).

Step two

Gather outside support. Tourists out number year round locals by droves. And they will miss the beach as much as anyone. Some people work year round just to stay in Hatteras for a week or two a year and enjoy the beach.

Step three

Start a counter suit. The Autubond Society should be facing a class action lawsuit. It is clear what they are really doing. The National Park Service as well has broken promises, stolen land and is now using activist judges to control North Carolina Land on the behalf of city dwellers in another state who don't even use it or live there. Could that be applied to other areas? Would they close down Miami or New York over a bird? No way.

Step 4

It may be too late but there is time for one more large protest and it has got to be covered by the media. Call a meeting at the Fez. Prepare interviews with the most articulate people and practice what they want to say, and prep them for the press. Organize the rally at the Point or and car pool down there to protest. Put the selected members in front of the cameras do not let the media decide. Also make your own films as the MSM won't let people speak for more than 30 seconds or so.

After the rally everyone write to papers with articles about the beach. Sloganeer it. Make sure it is clear that everyone understands that this is really about Economics and has nothing to do with the birds. Also we are not the first area that this happened to either.

I will make my own video from Japan and post it on the web.
If you make videos and send them to me I will link them altogher, and make a film out of it. If the judge rules to close the beach we need to appeal it and durring that time we have got to really organize and get the word out. In the past there was no internet and we had no way to fight back as one small area was ganged up on at a time. But now we can find the people who have already been hurt by these tactics and we can gather everyone from coast to coast to stop bird-brain nuts like the Autubon society who by their insanity do more to turn people away from the environment than any other force. The environment is vital. It is an important issue but that is not the issue. We all know this is about a billion dollar industry and a scheme to privitize land and manipulate real estate.

Just look at the economy today with private equity firms collecting from venture capitalists then hedging bets on loans backed by nothing then they avoid state regulations by re-naming insurence policies as 'credit default swaps.' Then they had the audacity top sell the securities to more speculators like they were stocks. The Fed raises interest rates, the banks forclose, the speculators get bailed out and guess who is stuck with the bill? On top of that the Fed prints new money to pay off the old ponzy scheme and causes inflation, so you the consumer get hit twice. Watch as gas and food rises in spikes. It used to be that companies made profits by making and selling products not by selling hedges, shorts, etc to speculators who are not even betting on price changes but on loan re-payments. It's insane. And the sub-prime bubble (which was way lowe than sub-prime) is just the tip of the iceberg. They did this same scheme on all types on loans, car, other assets, students loans, you name it they did it. Thank you idiot John "Shylock" McCain and his ecomonic advisor Phil Gramm (Bilderburg tool of Goldman & Sachs) who allowed the deposit banks and investment banks to wing together and got rid of all the oversight over the preditory lending. Do you really want an economy driven by what is essentially gambling rather than actual product sales? Its corrupt from top to bottom. Eco-groups are just fronts that federally-linked businesses use to manipulate the use and value of land. When you look at their board of directors they have overlapping memberships some of them are even married to eachother. If we had a fucntional media this would all be explained. But as it stands now Americans have no clue what is going on and few could even understand what I just wrote. I am mad as Hell. No one is listening to us. You know the last thing maybe that we have got to run for office ourselves. Put someone in office who can see thorugh their schemes and will call them out on it right then and there. Put someone in office who you kow will promote the interests of Hatteras and will go on the offense against these front groups.

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Thank you sherry...

Post  Angel70 on April 7th 2008, 7:45 pm

I have also been sending out emails to pretty much anyone that I think might listen. I received Ryan's message in my email box yesterday, and immediately forwarded it to everyone of my contacts. It is a very important cause for me, probably the most important that I can recall ever feeling this passionate over.

On a personal note, I do just want to say thank you for your nice comments regarding "tourists". And you're very right...I've never once felt out of place or like a tourist in all my years of visiting Hatteras. Quite the opposite really, it's where I feel most at home. We (my family and friends) do love the Outer Banks as if it were our town, actually, even more so Smile

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Why R u Wasting ur time?

Post  sherrymskt on April 7th 2008, 7:06 pm

I got home from work just a few ago after being away from my computer all day with thoughts on who i can send emails out to next. I come up here looking for new info that i can use to help keep our beaches open and free to all. I AM SHOCKED at quite of few folks! Ryan Dawson's post i read over and its great (like to make some copies of it to post). WHY are so many wasting their engery bickering. Who cares what joe smoe comments on. NEGATIVITY FEEDS OFF NEGATIVITY. i refuse to waste "our time" when i can get back to calling, emailing and doing what i can. Come on folks, stop the negative comments. Sure i read a few that peed my cornflakes but why waste my time. I WANT TO BE ABLE TO SURF FISH AGAIN. Lets help our hereos out that have been leading this fight and give a hand in our passion too. OUR BEACHES. Get back to calling and writing, Emailing folks and feel u ARE making a difference.
To indigose and any other "tourist" (as many are calling) I am sorry that the emails u have read have been hateful and harsh. U love the Outer Banks as we all do and the support is very much needed so please disregard the negative folks and their comments.You dont feel like a "tourist" when ur here do u? Nope, i sure hope not. Take care all

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Re: Why R u Wasting ur time?

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