Birds will adjust! Ours did!

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Birds will adjust! Ours did!

Post  Midwest on April 8th 2008, 9:59 pm

We live right where Illinois, Iowa and Missouri all meet. GREAT PLACE!...however we were in need of a new bridge between Illinois and Iowa...this was a Winter nesting area for the endangered American Bald Eagle! Many years of studies and battles that the eagles would leave our area or be in harm for some reason. A long battle....many studies....The bridge won and now, many years later, we have more eagles than ever! They do not have a problem with people in our area. No one is allowed to shoot them or harm them in any way and they live here as happy as we do! Nature is for every living creature to enjoy...not just the feathered ones! We have Bald Eagle Days each Winter and a big celebration to educate our area citizens, students and the MANY, MANY people that come from miles around to learn about the birds. Schools bus kids to the local mall for an educational seminar. Eagle viewing sites are set up around the area and buses that will get people to those sites to prevent parking problems. It turned out great. Everyone is happy and nature takes care of itself!!

Our daughter and her family live on the Outer Banks and we have been there every year since they arrived. What a super place....our other children have gone out there for the summers to work and play and everyone wants to continue to enjoy the Outer Banks as it is.

We are nature lovers and would not want bad things to happen to God's creatures, but they adjust.... the economy of the area and the many thousands of people that vacation out there every years do not want to lose such a fine place to a few that are trying to protect the best for the birds...they will survive! PLEASE LET LIFE GO ON!


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