07 maps of piping plover- what a joke.

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Where's the beef?

Post  MadMarv on April 9th 2008, 1:09 pm

Notably absent in the report is any loss of chicks due to ORV's or human activity (unless you count not spaying or neutering their cats). Again, I say if SELC causes economic losses to Dare and Hyde counties based on bad or non-existent science, they should be sued for damages. It is clear looking at these maps that the areas can be managed to both protect the birds and allow for fishing. It's just a bit more work.


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07 maps of piping plover- what a joke.

Post  sherrymskt on April 8th 2008, 10:25 pm

has anyone looked over the 2007 piping plover annual report maps? i sure hope the lawyers who are defending this have and compare it to the revenue loss that will occur? I cant believe OUR tax money is going to do such as i just looked over! these enviro groups are forgetting we are paying for this and we are suppose to allow this closure to happen. they are out of their trees! u and i have been paying someones salary that sits and documents a couple of birds, come on there are starving people here. what a joke.. sorry ya'll had to vent a bit.

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