Losing one of the best vacations spots I look forward to and plan every year.

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best beach

Post  Bob on April 9th 2008, 3:05 pm

I am the father & agree 100%. We can always find a new best beach. However, if this goes thru there will be a large decrease in fishermen & OBX well be hit very hard. We have looked at some condos but that will stop till we know the out come. We can get insurance against the storms but not stupid laws.
Hope OBX cont. as our best beach.


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Post  sherrymskt on April 9th 2008, 8:28 am

Rob- u like some many, have a heart that is attached to the Outer Banks and its beautiful beaches. i too, pray that we will still be able to have access to them. kind word u have written. now u get to email and call and write to those "above" us who need to hear what i just read, thanks. have fun and it that message across,
take care & hopefully i will see ya on the beach soon Very Happy

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Losing one of the best vacations spots I look forward to and plan every year.

Post  Rob on April 9th 2008, 2:32 am

I've been coming to OBX for more than a decade now. I live in northern Virginia and my parents who live in Phoenix AZ make the track to OBX every fall. I save up two weeks of my vacation so that I and my father can enjoy fishing for whatever is biting. And if the fish arenít biting just driving on the beach enjoying the outdoors and the beauty that the OBX area is know for. Spending quality time with my wife and parents in this relaxing setting is something I and my family look forward to every year. Drastically reducing the two activities I and my family come to OBX to enjoy will be very disappointing and will force us to rethink our vacation plans if these restrictions are put in place. I would hate not to continue my financial support for the local OBX businesses; home rentals, restaurants, supper markets, bait & tackle shops, Charter fishing, gift shops, etc. I just donít want to be sitting around the house because Iím limited to areas of the beach and pay for what I would feel to be a watered down vacations. I and my family come to OBX to experience it as we always have. I prey that the restrictions are not put into place and I prey for all that live and work there as this will put an economic burden on the area. All the best on this one OBXíers.


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Re: Losing one of the best vacations spots I look forward to and plan every year.

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